About Me

Welcome! My name is Jordan and I am the girl behind The Teacup of Style. I am a twenty-something year old college student, future teacher, college athlete, fashion blogger, and daughter of Christ. 

Psalm 16:8 


When did you start blogging?
November 2014 

Just outside of Los Angeles, California

Favorite food?
Chips and guacamole! {Yum!!} 

What sport do you do in college?
I run cross country and track!

What year do you graduate from college?
May 2016 

What do you want to do after college?
The goal is to become an elementary school teacher! 

Favorite books?
Harry Potter!

Any fun facts? 
I have loads of them! To name a few: (1) I have a twin sister (2) My elbows are hyper-extendable (3) I'm afraid of the dark and hate scary movies--combining those two together is my worst fear (aka: I'm a wimp!)