floral dress & summertime bliss

July 24, 2019

My Outfit Details: DRESS Floral Midi Dress // NECKLACE Dainty Gold Necklace // SHOES Suede Nude Heels 

Whew, as of last week Thursday, this teacher is officially done with summer school. I enjoy teaching summer school because it is extra mulla ($$$) and it helps me remain in a routine--which is what I thrive off of! 

That being said, I have been LOVING the freedom that I have had these past few days. I've been catching up on chores, enjoying some Netflix time, and working out twice a day in preparation for our upcoming Hawaiian vacation. I've also had a ton of time to think and rest. The other day, I came across a quote that has really stuck with me these past few days. I'm going to drop it down below in hopes that it inspires you too! 

(Found via Pinterest) 

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  1. Well, this dress is not bad, but I think that the chosen color is not yours, you will need to select pink colors to highlight your beauty!


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