when life hurts

April 3, 2019

My Outfit Details: KIMONO Floral Kimono // SHIRT White V-Neck Tee // JEANS Skinny Distressed Denim Jeans // BELT Brown Leather Belt // EARRINGS White Statement Earrings // SHOES Nude Heeled Sandals

If you follow me on instagram, you saw that I mentioned a few days ago that life hit our household *hard* last week. I wasn't planning on sharing what exactly happened. In fact, it felt too raw, too hurt-filled, and just not "blog worthy." 

After sharing our trials and tribulations with some family and friends over these past couple of days, I realized that we all need to be open and honest with each other. This blog has been my little community for 4+ years, and I felt as if I would be doing you all a disservice if I only shared the bright and shiny moments with you--because that isn't life. Sure, I love cute clothes and creating content, but I would never want someone to look at my blog and social media and feel as if I have it all together and am living the perfect life. 

 Also, after opening up about our situation, I realized just how many people had been through the same thing in the past . . . and they just never shared it. If this blog post could serve any purpose, I would want it to let people that they aren't the only one going through this. That in fact, most people have . . . they just haven't shared it. 

My husband got laid-off from his job. 

I know there are 10,000 things worse in the world than losing a job, but it is still definitely something that stings, hurts, and feels down right horrible. Not only was it so unexpected, but it just felt *cruel.* And honestly, these past few weeks have been scary, emotional, and full of tears. We're still not 100% where his path is going to be lead. Right now, that is just one big TBD. 

Life is definitely rough y'all, but I am grateful for people and family that help me get through it. If you are currently going through something similar, just know you are not in this alone. 

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