the best (and my new favorite) mascara!

January 4, 2019

My Outfit Details: DRESS Shoulder Sequin Dress // TIGHTS Black Tights // CLUTCH Black Sequin Clutch // BOOTS Black Heeled Booties 

New year, new mascara! 

Compared to most bloggers, I keep my make-up routine pretty minimal. I even forgot to apply lipstick for this outfit photoshoot. Oops! One of my desires for 2019 is to get better at makeup techniques. I have the basics down, but now I'm ready to amp up my look a little more to better fit my outfits. Sadly, make-up is pretty darn expensice. When in Sephora, I sometimes think to myself, "Geez, how much do you want for this tube of lipstick?!?" Therefore, I'm making small and little changes to my routine to work on transitioning into a more glamorous daily look without breaking the bank all at once. 

For my vast majority of my life, I have been a drugstore mascara girl. Trust me, there are some amazing and inexpensive drugstore mascaras out there  . . . but I felt stuck in a rut with my usual routine. My lashes are long, not too thick, and very very blonde. If I don't wear mascara, I look like I don't have any eyelashes. I wanted a mascara that really amped up the thickness of my lashes, since length wasn't necessarily an issue. I also wanted something that was dark since my eyelashes are so light. 

After some research, I decided to try the Lancome Monsieur Big Mascara. It is a little bit more on the expensive side, but I find it worth it. My lashes look thicker, and people even notice! I've been stopped multiple times and asked what mascara I use. I even got my Mother-in-Law hooked on it. It not only helps with thickness - which was the goal - but it also doubles the length of my lashes. That's a win-win situation in my book. 

P.S. Even though this sounds like a sponsored post, it is not! I bought the mascara with my own money and without and influence from the Lancome company (lol, I wish I was sponsored by them!) I just wanted to make sure to state that so that you know my review is entirely authentic and 100% my own opinion. 

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