my difficult year in review

December 23, 2018

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I've been a little quiet on the blog this month. If I'm being honest, this month got the best of me. Between work, my side hustles, and some life related things that are going on . . . I'm wiped out. 

The first half of the year wonderfully and seamlessly flew by with little to no issues. Sadly, October hit--and it hit us hard. You might remember me mentioning how I ended up in the hospital in early October with severe lower abdominal/hip/lower back pain. Turns out, I have something called a fibroid. If you don't know what a fibroid it, it is basically a tumor that grows in your uterus. After many appointments, I found out that the fibroid is the size of my uterus and that is why it was so painful. I have a scheduled surgery in a couple days (Dec. 28th) to get it removed. I will not be able to return to the classroom until January 14th. 

The same week I was in the hospital we had a scheduled appointment for our sweet kitten to get fixed. At the vet, they make sure to do a blood test before they move forward with the surgery. They were not able to do the surgery because she had a significantly low white blood count result on her blood test. We set an appointment in early November in hopes that the low white blood cell count was her just suffering a cold. Sadly, we were unable to go forward with the procedure again because her blood count was even lower than before. These past several months we have done countless tests and have spent a lot of money in hopes of trying to figure out what is wrong (i.e. bone marrow cancer, cat leukemia, etc.)

Thankfully though, by the grace of God, we got a positive test result back two weeks ago. Randomly, her white blood cell count doubled. We have an appointment in one week and hopefully her white blood cell count has continued to increase. Even though we are *hopefully* on the up and up, it has been a draining process. I have spent many nights in tears . . . fearful that something is wrong with my sweet little kitten. 

There have been a few more life events this year that have contributed to heartache . . . but the two circumstances above were the major ones. I apologize if this post is not like my usual upbeat/cute clothes/shopping related post . . . but one of my goals in 2018 was to be more transparent. I hope this helps to provide a little insight into why I have been MIA at some moments throughout the year. 

That being said, I am hopeful for a more positive year in 2019. I know that the Lord is faithful. 

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