Week Wrap-Up No.3 & feminine lace top

February 23, 2018

My Outfit Details: TOP Feminine Lace Top ($35) // PANTS Articles of Society Denim Jeans // EARRINGS White Tassel Earrings (c/o) // SHOES Blush Pink Heels // PURSE Cognac Clutch

High Point of the Week
This may sound odd, but my favorite and most rewarding part of the week was that I went to bed by ten o'clock on all of my work nights this week. And whew....did that make a difference! It's funny how much of a difference getting one extra hour of sleep a night truly makes. Feeling refreshed and motivated during this work week was definitely a high point in my book. 

Low Point of the Week: 
I love being a teacher. Even though it is an extremely rewarding job, it is also a very difficult and emotional job as well. Even though I am not the biological mother to these twenty-five little kiddos, still care very deeply for them as if they were my own. One of my students this week suffered from some scary health problems. It is extremely shocking and saddening to see how such a little and carefree kiddo can suffer in terms of health. She has definitely been in my prayers and on my mind this whole week. 

Favorite Product:
I have been drinking A LOT of coffee lately. I was really good about whitening my teeth before my wedding last June, but I have been inconsistent with keeping up with that in the eight months since then. When I was in Target browsing recently, I picked up one of my old favorites, the Crest 3D White Glamorous Mouth Wash. It definitely seems like it is making a different. Bye bye coffee stains! 

With-List Item: 
I have not stopped thinking about these shoes since I saw them online a couple days back! I am obsessed with the bow detail, and they are just the perfect summer shoe. I just have not been able to pull the trigger on these shoes yet because of the price tag...But we'll see! 

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