red OTS dress (only $29!)

February 19, 2018

If I look cold in these pictures, it's because I was. Even though we have had an uncharacteristically warm winter (even for Southern California) it decided to cool off and get windy on the day that I did my spring themed photoshoot. I felt like 75% of the time I was holding down my dress so that I wouldn't have a Marilyn Monroe moment...

If you've been keeping up with The Teacup of Style lately, you would have noticed a theme: under $30 red dress finds! On Saturday, I blogged about this fun twirl-worthy red beauty. You guys seemed to like it too, since when I first posted about it on Instagram, it became my most liked photo of the past couple of months. 

The $29 red dress number that I am blogging about today was another fun find! When I stumbled upon it while browsing the web and doing some online shopping, I immediately added it to my cart. We are heading to Hawaii this summer, and I thought it was the perfect dress to wear out to a Hawaiian beach dinner. 

 If history repeats itself, I see a lot of cute and girly red dresses hitting my shopping cart in the near future...

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