6 activities that I do when I am stressed

October 9, 2017

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I love being an elementary school teacher. I literally would not want any other vocation in the world. No matter how much I love being a teacher, it definitely is a job that does not lack in the stress department...

I have been trying to find different activities that help to alleviate some of the stress. I am definitely not any expert in the stress-relieving department, but here are some tips and tricks that you can maybe try out and see if they work for you. 

1. Read My Devotional Every Night
As a teacher, you often lay awake at night thinking: "Did I email that parent back? / Did I make copies for math tomorrow? / I hope _______ (enter student name) is going to have a better day tomorrow." . . . and the list goes and on. 

As a way to help combat the bedtime overthinking that typical plagues teachers, I have gotten into the rhythm of reading my Daily Devotional every night before going to bed. I immediately feel calm after reading my Devotional and it tends to help turn my mind off from all of the overthinking. I am currently reading out of the "Jesus Calling" Daily Devotional. 

P.S. If you ever have any questions about Christianty or Jesus, feel free to email me at teacupofstyle@gmail.com. I would love to discuss faith with you! 

2. Take a TV Break
I tend to leave school around 4:30, but that doesn't mean the work and lesson planning ends. I often bring home various lesson planning or prep work with me. I find it helpful to work on work related stuff after dinner, and not immediately once I get home. Instead, I turn on the TV and skim some of my favorite fashion blogs. The Netflix series that I am currently working through right now is, Gossip Girl (and I highly recommend it!) 

3. Bake 
Baking is so soothing to me, and plus you get to have some yummy treats in your kitchen for the rest of the week! 

4. Plan Fun Future Events 
I love having something on the calendar to look forward to, like a concert or a Girls Night Out! Whenever I have a stressful week, I am always thankful to have something on the calendar to look forward to that is non-work related. 

5. Go Out to Eat Once a Week 
There is something about putting on a cute outfit and going out to eat with the hubby or friends! It is always good to break up the routine at least once during the week. Plus, you don't have to stress about dishes later! 

6. Pray, Pray, Pray
and pray some more!

Feel free to try out any of my tips, and let me know if they work for you! Have a lovely and hopefully stress-free week!  

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