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June 21, 2017

Happy first official days of summer! Currently, I am sitting in my little apartment that feels like 100000 degrees . . . it definitely feels like summer! The only thing that is saving me from the heat right now is the fan that I have pointed in my direction 24/7. I can tell that this fan and I are going to be BFFs this summer.

In other news, I never thought I would say this, but I am officially fallen headover heels in love with a pair of high waisted shorts. I never knew how flattering they could be prior to trying on this grey-washed denim pair! Currently, Free People is selling this classic Levi shorts that I am wearing for under $60. They also come in six different washes. My twin sister is addicted to these shorts as well, and she has three of the six washes (they're THAT good!) 

I hope that you have a lovely and exciting Wednesday! 

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  1. Hey Jordan ! I would just like to say that you are really pretty and i understand fashion may be your passion but you could probably do things more valuable and essential. :)


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