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September 16, 2016

My Outfit Details: Customizable Blue Leaf Print Maxi Dress (c/o) 

Whew, there are not enough hours in the day. I was a little MIA on the blog this week, mainly because I am trying to make it out of student teaching alive. If any of you have gone through student teaching before, you probably understand the stress and the HUGE time commitment. Needless to say, I am still do blessed to be doing what I absolutely adore {I love teaching!} but I sure am tired. 

I have loved picking out my teacher outfits. Maxi dresses are definitely a teacher staple. Can you blame us teachers though? Maxi dresses are beyond comfortable, very versatile and they look way dresser than they actually feel--and I'm always down to wear something that looks like five stars, but in reality, feels like PJS! 

 I particularly love this blue leafy print maxi because I had the opportunity to customize it! This amazing company lets you pick out a particular clothing item, but you get to completely tailor it to your liking. How fun is that? They even have an "add pockets" option! Um hello!! Amazing!! For instance, I knew that I would be able to add this leafy blue maxi dress to the teaching section in my closet after I customized the neckline. I changed the neckline to be more of a scoop cut instead of a v-neck cut. How cool is that? 

You definitely need to check this amazing company, eShakti, out for yourself! They have a ton of options to choose from :) And us girls definitely like options!

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  1. Love the dress. And the shoes are fabulous!


  2. Such a pretty dress girl!

    God bless


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