engagement story part 1

April 22, 2016

I am so excited about today's post because it is the first part of my two-part engagement series on the blog. I decided to split the story up into two parts because I have photos of the event that tell two parts of the story. First, I wanted to provide a little background on my relationship and the day leading up to the proposal.  Grab a cup of coffee, this post is going to be a long one :) 

My fiancĂ©, named Bradford, and I met during the beginning of our sophomore year of college. Our first date was September 20, 2013, so we have been dating for a little over two and a half year. Funny enough, my boyfriend received a concussion the day after our first date on September 21! Since it was a pretty severe concussion, he suffered some serious memory lost and completely forgot that we even went on our first day {my own personal 50 First Dates experience}. It is a great story to laugh about now, but during the moment, I was so devastated because I really adored him and I knew that he was something special. I was worried that I would have to start all over and get him to like me again. Thankfully, his memory about our first date slowly but surely came back! Praise the Lord! I knew, after just a couple dates, that he was going to be the man that I would eventually call my husband. 

Now, flashforward a little bit...we started talking about marriage towards the end of last summer. Even though we still needed time before we got engaged to finish up the majority of our senior year, marriage was something that we both knew was apart of our future together. In January, he met with my dad and asked for his permission. If it wasn't obvious, my dad said YES, and gave him his blessing! Woohoo! 

Now, I was not aware of this, but now that I finally have the ring on my finger, I know all of the secrets ;) The day after his meeting with my dad in January, Bradford went and bought a ring. He said that it was under his bed in a suitcase for months! Crazy, I had no idea! Ultimately, I knew we were going to get engaged before our graduation in May. So Bradford kept me on edge these past several months ahah!

Now to narrate the actual event . . . 
So, if you didn't know about the actual date yet, I got engaged on Sunday April 17! About a week prior to the engagement {and this is where the fun part comes in because my blog becomes involved} Bradford told me that he wanted to do a lifestyle photoshoot on the beach with a fancy table set up. He said that we would do it on Sunday after church the next weekend. I hadn't really thought much of his desire to do a lifestyle photoshoot after he first mentioned it because he didn't bring it up again until the actual date of the proposal, as we were driving to church.

Now, after the service ended, he took me to one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Santa Barbara, called Santa Clause beach. As per usual for most shoot days, we got my camera ready and wandered down to the beach. As we go closer to the sand, I saw the most beautiful table set up. There were a variety of white flowers {even a stunning orchid!}, sparkling cider, wine flutes, plates, candles, and a wooden platter. 

Before we went to the table setting though, we stopped to take some photos in front of the water.
We went closer to the beach and sand and took some outfit photos there. Below, are all of the photos that were taken by him on my camera.

As you can see, we didn't take many pictures in front of the water. We wandered pretty quickly over to the table set up...

After we completed the above photos. Bradford told me to lift up the wooden platter because he left a surprise {lol he might have actually said there was food under there, I can't remember} under there.

I pick up the box and he tells me to open it. Oddly enough, when I opened it, I saw that it was a pair of earrings. {That stinker was messing with me!} After several seconds of confusion, he told me to take the earrings out so that I could get a better look at them. I took the earrings out, and immediately under them, sat the most beautiful ring I have ever laid my eyes on. He quickly took the box and then asked me to marry him! My response was: "Yes, a million times yes!" He then went to put the ring on, and asked what hand it went on ahah! He put it on, and I could not stop staring at it!

Shortly after, all of the photographers and several of our close friends came out of their hiding spots to congratulate us! As I said in the beginning of the post, this is a two-part series. I will be sharing the pictures that the photographers took in the next post on Monday! As for now, below are some pictures that we took right after the engagement. 

I am so excited for my future with the love of my life! He is the man of my dreams, and I am beyond blessed to be have him as my fiancĂ©. 

Remember to come back on Monday to see more photos from the proposal!

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  1. Ahh this was too sweet! Congratulations on your engagement!

    Desiae Marie || aflowerintherough.blogspot.com

    1. Thank you Desirae! It was such a special day :)

  2. Congrats Jordan! I am so excited for you, y'all are too cute together!:)
    xo, Syd

    1. Thank you so much Sydney :) We very much appreciate it!!

  3. Congrats girly! This was such a cute story!
    -Ana // www.theanaduarte.com

    1. Thank you Ana! He did such a great job planning! :)


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