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February 12, 2016

If you need to know anything about is that you are on an extreme budget-- or at least most of us collegiate amigos are! Being on a tight budget means that I have to find ways to save as much money as possible. With budgeting, you become very aware of where to spend your money and where to save your money. Therefore, I am going to share the products that I splurge on and the products that I save some money on!

p.s. keep in mind that my "splurges" are also not insanely expensive in retrospect. BUT, for a person on a budget, they are still considered on the more expensive side!


This mascara is amazing! It is a two sided mascara. The base layer comes out white and is the extending layer. The second layer is black and that is the darkening/bold layer. This mascara is a great way to save some mulla. Personally, I believe that this mascara is an amazing for some more expensive mascaras that are $10 or even $20 dollars more!
Does anybody else have crazy and unruly eyebrows that seem to go whatever direction that they wish? Fun fact, clear mascara is a great way to keep them in place. I personally do not like filling my eyebrows because I do not want a bold look for my days spent in the classroom. Therefore, I do not like to use a coloring brow wiz. This product is only $2 and is great for unruly eyebrows. 
Fun fact: it is important that you do not spend a lot of money on lip balms, mostly because the inexpensive ones (that range $3-$4) work just as well as the ones that are priced at $10! I love that these lip balms are uniquely shaped because they are easier to find in my backpack and purse in comparison to the usual cylinder shaped ones! Plus, they come in so many fun designs and colors! 
I have very oily skin--these are amazing for any time I need a quick touch up in between classes or when I'm running around doing errands. They also are great at not messing up your make-up when you are using them!
This is probably my most favorite "save" on the list! It has great coverage and such a great consistency. I use shade "Light/Medium" for reference and I am even able to use that shade year-round (both in the winter when I am on the paler side and in summer when I am on the tanner side!) 


Since I do have oily skin, I like to splurge on the products that help with my skin. I recently discovered this product in December and have been raving about it ever since. If you do have oily skin, I couldn't recommend this product more! It has a matte finish and it also has SPF 15 built in. It is truly the PERFECT product.
Before I discovered the existence of eyeshadow primer, my eyeshadow would crease constantly, sometimes even after only an hour after application! This primer helps so much in preventing creasing throughout the day. Plus, most cheaper eyeshadow primers are ineffective and don't work--trust me, I have tried to find a dupe and have failed time and time again!
Again, this is another product that helps immensely with my oily skin. It is a great investment to splurge on a nicer powder. It also has SPF built into the product, an added bonus!

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I hope you have a lovely weekend! I have another track meet this Saturday and will be spending all day there, but I am excited for Sunday and to have a lovely Valentine's Day with my BF!

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