a jolly green christmas

November 30, 2015

My Outfit Details: SKIRT Green Detailed Skirt // SHIRT Black T-Shirt (old, similar linked) // BRACELET Gold Cuff // BOOTS Knee-High Boots (sold out in black, linked in brown) // NECKLACE Round Crystal Necklace (sold out, similar linked)

Can we take a moment to talk about this skirt, please? I mean, gold accented flowers paired with a beautiful shade of green? Girlfriend, I'm beyond sold. With holiday season just beginning to clip at the edge of our heels, this skirt will be a beautiful addition to any holiday party outfit. Just switch out the classic knee-high boots for a strappy pair of black heels and you're set to dance the night away to any Christmas tune that comes on.

I've always been more of a silver toned girl, but lately I've been diving into the gold jewelry world. Could this delicate gold cuff be any more perfect? The perfect duo is created when you pair it with  with a equally as adorable necklace.

I am back at school after partaking in the best Thanksgiving Break ever. My days were filled with sleep, family time, and more calories then I can count {Thanksgiving leftovers were my jam}. But, I am ready to finish up this semester. With only two weeks of classes and one week of finals, I got this!

If you have finals in your near future, I'll be praying for you :)

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With love,

i love you a latte

November 18, 2015

My Outfit Details: SHIRT Red Long Sleeve Cowlneck (very similar linked!) // VEST White Outwear  (same brand linked!) // JEANS Dark Wash Skinny Jeans // EARRINGS 'Elle' Earrings // WATCH Michele Deco Watch // SHOES Black Wedged Booties (old, very similar linked!) // PURSE Burberry Tote

I am currently writing to you from Charlotte, North Carolina! This town is full of unique food, colorful leaves, and busting business life. I am excited to explore the city while I am on a sports related trip with my team. I'm looking to do a post featuring all my pictures once I am back home in California. Stay tuned ;) 

For now, I wanted to bring you my first holiday themed outfit of the season. When I was wearing this outfit last Sunday, I was stopped many times by friends and strangers saying, "You look like Christmas!!" Even if they did not intend it as a complement, which I am sure some did, I definitely took it as one. Christmas time my favorite time of the year and I love when I get to dress accordingly for this season! 

I decided to make my look more casual with a red cowl neck sweater paired with dark washed jeans. I made my causal look more interesting by incorporating a unique outwear piece. Sadly, I could not find the same vest online, but I did link something that would also look super cute with this look.

School is crazy still this semester, but I am blogging as much as I can. I am definitely looking forward to winter break, which will be here before I even know it! 

P.S. How cute is this, "I love you a latte," cup? I'm obsessed! 

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With love,

black & brown

November 13, 2015

 My Outfit Details: SHIRT Black Long Sleeve // SHORTS High Wasted Blue Shorts (old, very similar linked) // PURSE Black Crossbody Bag // SHOES Brown Booties (my new favorite!!) // WACTH Brown Leather Strap Watch // EARRINGS Pearl Studs

It has been one heck of a week! I am so thankful for the arrival of the weekend. Can I get an, "AMEN!!" 

Yes, I broke the cardinal rule...combining black and brown into one outfit! *gasp* But you know what...sometimes you just have to chuck the rules out the back window. It was a refreshing experience to do what I wanted to do, despite the stigma around the combination.

Also, these brown booties are my new favorite pair of shoes! They even make the "clicking" noise when you walk. Oddly enough, I never realized how satisfying that noise was until I owned a pair of shoes that did it.

Have a safe and happy weekend my loves! 

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With love,

brown booties

November 11, 2015

 My Outfit Details: DRESS Black Floral Dress (old, similar linked from same brand) // JACKET Classic Denim Jacket // SHOES Brown Booties // PURSE Black Crossbody Bag // EARRINGS "Elle" Earrings // NECKLACE Delicate Silver Cross Necklace // WATCH Silver Watch  // SUNGLASSES Blue Aviator Sunnies

Today's post in going to be short and sweet because school is literally going to be the death of me. 

Have a lovely Wednesday!

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With love,

olive toned pants

November 4, 2015

 My Outfit Details: SHIRT Short-Sleeve Swing Top (still available in black, less than $3!) // JEANS Olive Toned Pants (longer version) // SHOES Cheetah Print Slip-Ons (old, similar linked) // PURSE Beige Crossbody Bag // NECKLACE Large Statement Necklace // WATCH Leather Strap Watch // EARRINGS Pearl Studs

Stop what you are doing right now. This shirt is less than $3. Yup, you just read that correctly. Deal of the week century. Am I right?! Sadly, the beige color is no longer available, BUT there is still a black shade up for grabs! You can never go wrong with adding another black basic into your wardrobe.

Olive toned pants and jeans are the trend of the season for fall and winter. I love how the color matches with other pieces in my closet. It even meshes super well with my cheetah shoes and beige crossbody purse.

I wore this outfit over the weekend and it was the perfect mixture of comfy and cute. It was the best casual outfit for Sunday morning at church, lunch at a nice pizza restaurant {yup, those exist} and a day of traveling back to school after spending Halloween at home.

We've made it to Wednesday. Treat yourself to something sweet, like a Starbucks peppermint mocha in a red cup ;)

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With love,

halloween recap

November 2, 2015

I am well aware that Halloween is over and a factor of the past. Also I know that it is now time to leave behind costumes and welcome Christmas decor and red Starbucks cups. On the same token, I also think that it is fun when people recap past holidays in order to see what everybody was up to, what they wore, etc. 

Therefore, welcome to my 2015 Halloween Recap! All of my outfit details will be found on the end of the post :) I went with a pretty classic costume: the cat. Considering that I did not plan to dress-up until that afternoon, I was still pretty content with how it turned out! 

Obviously, this is a picture of my family and I. We are just missing my twin sister Jessica. Thankfully, I was able to head home for the weekend in order to celebrate Halloween with my family. I had not been able to for the last three Halloween's, so I was excited to make it home for this one! 

My little sister was Mal from the new Disney movie, "Descendants." She insisted on holding character the whole time, hence her sassy evil face. 

Woot woot! Cupcakes! 

 My sister is one little ball of sass...I think this picture accurately testifies to that. 

 My wonderful and loving boyfriend made the trip home with me! He was my own personal Captain America! 

My Outfit Details:
DRESS Black Short Sleeved Dress  (old, similar linked) // SHOES Ballet Flats (color "Matte Black") // CAT EARS Cat Ear Headband (similar, more trendy version linked) // EARRINGS Orange 'Elle' Earrings (my newest Kendra Scott addition!) // NECKLACE Delicate Silver Faith Necklace 

I hope you all had a lovely and wonderful Halloween. Eat up on all of the leftover candy, you deserve it ;)

Now onto my favorite, the Holiday season!! 

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With love,