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October 30, 2015

Happy Friday!! We made it! Woot woot! Another reason to be excited? It's time for my monthly Instagram recap! ;) If you are not already following me on Instagram (@teacupofstyle), you can do so here!
As always, all the items that are available will be linked. If they are not linked, then they are no longer available online. I was able to find some very similar items online for some things that were sold out. 


My best friend and I went to the cutest coffee a couple weekends back to work on homework. Each table even had little white pumpkins on it! 

My church journal always provides a good little reminder :) 
It's been really toasty here lately. Could fall arrive sometime soon, please? I love LBD's more than the next girl, but I would really like to wear some blanket scarves or booties...

This is the best jacket ever...Just fyi. 
I wore this shirt three days in a row. No shame, no shame. 

See I told you I re-wore this shirt a lot... 
 Have a safe and fun Halloween weekend!

With love,

red lips, blue jeans

October 26, 2015

 My Outfit Details: CARDIGAN White Drapey Cardigan // SHIRT Striped Tank Top (old, similar linked) // JEANS Navy Blue Denim // SHOES Strappy Studded Sandals // PURSE Small Beige Crossbody Bag // BELT Narrow Leather Belt // EARRINGS Dangling Earrings (old, similar style linked) // BRACELETS Initial Bracelet & Birthstone Charm Bracelet & Nautical Bracelet 

For us warmer weather folks, this time of year brings a sense of frustration. We see countless blanket scarves, warm lattes, and thick knits around every corner and in every store...Yet, we could not even begin to imagine taking part in these particular actions...considering it is still a blazing eighty-five (or more) degrees out. We are in quite the dilemma, you see...

What do I usually turn to in a dramatic time like this? I rely on my lighter knit pieces and comfortable/ lightly constructed jeans. So yes, I may not be able to throw on a thick blanket scarf any time in the near future, but I can still semi-take part in characteristically dressing for the season.

In other news, I have a thirty page paper due on Tuesday. Sadly, I am only fifteen pages into this hefty paper. I smell an all-nighter in my near future...

{P.S. Warning! Wednesday's scheduled post may be pushed back to Friday if an all-nighter does become part of my future. Wish me luck. I need it.} 

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With love,

the floral jacket

October 23, 2015

My Outfit Details: JACKET Floral Patterned Jacket (from the men's department!) // SHIRT Relaxed White V-neck // Jeans Dark Washed Jeans // SHOES Brown Birkenstocks // NECKLACE Small "Endless Knot" Necklace // EARRINGS Pearl Studs

We all need those outfits where we find ourselves completely out of our comfort zone...This look puts me on the polar opposite of what I am usually comfortable wearing. I couldn't be farther from my safe little bubble of dresses and bright hues.

You'll never guess where I found this jacket either: the J.Crew's men's department! Oddly enough, it aids in providing the perfect tomboy persona well still managing to incorporate some girly elements via the floral pattern and brighter blue.

I also never thought that I would see the day where I wore a pair of Birkenstock's. Even though they are the most popular type of shoe on my college's campus, I never thought I would actually be one to factor them into my wardrobe. I guess there is a first for everything! :)

Happy Friday and have a lovely and blessed weekend!

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With love,

blue skies

October 21, 2015

My Outfit Details: TOP Blue Flowy Henley Top // JEANS Dark Washed Denim // SHOES Black Flats // PURSE Black Crossbody Bag // EARRINGS "Elle" Earrings // NECKLACE Delicate Cross Necklace // BRACELETS Silver Bangle Set

Even as a girl who typically enjoys dressing up for mild occasions, I still have my days where I crave casual attire. This blue Henley top fits the bill whenever I am in a relaxed mood. It is perfect for fall with the dark hues, billowy fit, and comfortable material. What more could a girl want?! Did I also mention that is is currently on-sale for less than $20 with an additional 30% off for the next few days! What are you waiting for?! 

I am a major jewelry girl. When I am dressing more causal though, I like to opt for dainty silver jewelry that won't overstate my look. My favorite lazy day combo is this necklace and these earrings. They help to pull the look together and add a little glam to an otherwise neutral outfit.

Sadly, school is out to get me this semester :( It seems as if every single one of my professor's gets together and plans all of my assignments, tests, and presentations in one week. Moreover, I'm swamped. Prayers would be greatly appreciated!

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With love,

the perfect fall coat

October 19, 2015

My Outfit Details: COAT Utility Jacket (under $30) // TOP White V-Neck Tee // JEANS Dark Washed Jeans // PURSE Burberry Tote (this season's linked) // SHOES Black Wedged Booties (old, very similar linked) // NECKLACES Small Pendant Necklace & Long Gold Chain Necklace // EARRINGS Pearl Studs // SUNGLASSES Blue Aviator Sunnies

This outfit has three of its "core" pieces falling in under $30: the utility jacket , the white relaxed fit t-shirt and the jeans! My favorite piece out of this whole look by far the drawstring hooded utility jacket. Holy cow, it is amazing. I love the unique details that is has, like the super cute drawstring hanging from the back of the coat. How cute, am I right?! 

For the past two seasons, I have been a big fan of the black wedged bootie as well. They go super well with just about any outfit and they look amazing when paired with dark wash skinny jeans! 

Happy Monday everybody!

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With love,

kinda basic

October 14, 2015

My Outfit Details: TANK White Mock Neckline Tank (new obsession!) // SKIRT Black Skirt (old, similar linked) // SHOES Strappy Brown Sandals (this season's linked--on sale for less than $35!) // PURSE Mini Black Crossbody // EARRINGS 'Elle' Earrings // NECKLACE Beaded Stone Necklace // WATCH Elegant Michele Watch

I have found a new obsession: this Free People shirt. Let me tell you girls, I re-wore this two days in a row after purchasing this item...something that has never been done in Jordan's world. That is when you know something is really really really good...P.S. I re-wear everything that I buy, but never two days in a row. 
And for only $20? I may just have to stock up on all of the numerous color options that it comes in! I can't wait to wear it with a cute scarf, fluffy cardigan, and some jeans once these California  temperatures drop!

Something else that I have also been loving? Pairing this necklace with these earrings. I love this duo and they complement each other so well! 

Happy Wednesday :) 

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With love,

car show stompin'

October 12, 2015

My Outfit Details: DRESS Patterned Dress (not online, found on sale in stores, other option here!) // PURSE Beige Crossbody // SHOES Brown Strappy Sandals (this season's linked) // WATCH Delicate Watch // NECKLACE Long Beaded Necklace // EARRINGS Pearl Studs // SUNGLASSES Aviator Bow Sunglasses

FINALLY, a post is up! During the length of these past two weeks, I was only able to get up two out of six posts up :( {P.S. My normal posting schedule is Monday, Wednesday, and Friday} As I mentioned in my last post, school has been crazy busy and I felt like I was swimming upstream 99% of the time. Thankfully, the storm has passed and I get to relish in the calmness for a while. It feels good to get back on my normal posting schedule!

Last weekend, my boyfriend and I ventured to a car show after church. Boy, was it super cool! It was kinda sweet that my dress matched some of the classic cars. I picked up this dress recently at Antropologie--it was on sale and 30% off! Quite the deal, if I say so myself ;)

I sadly was not able to find the dress online, but I did find two very similar dresses from their website here and here! I decided to pair the dress with my new favorite stone beaded necklace to add a pop of color.

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With love,