kinda fall, but kinda not?

September 16, 2015

My Outfit Details: SHIRT Black V-Neck // SHORTS Stripped Denim //SHOES Strappy & Studded Sandals // EARRINGS Kendra Scott 'Elle' Earrings (color: "Clear Iridescent") // PURSE Burberry Tote (this season's linked) // SUNGLASSES Blue Tinted Aviators // WATCH Michele Watch // CHARM BRACELET Tiffany & Co. // BRACELETS InitialAnchor, & Birthstone

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Last week it was super toasty here in Santa Barbara! And in a room without air conditioning, it is pure torture when the hotter days are upon us. Thankfully it has cooled down the past couple of days with even a few surprise rainstorms making an appearance recently. Can I get a "Woot! Woot!" 

I know that the hot and humid days are not a thing of the past just yet though, and they probably will not be until Mid-October. *Cue the internal outfit conflict debt* I already have had to push aside many internal struggles like: "Should I wear this blanket scarf even though it is eighty-five degrees out?" or "My booties would look super cute with leggings, but do I really want to sweat to death today?" 

 Ultimately, with the arrival of Pumpkin Spice Latte's, the occasional rain storm, and fall themed Bath and Body Work's candles, I am desperately craving fall themed outfits. As a result, I am tempted to dress like it is colder than it actually is. BUT in reality, I would be silly to wear ANY of my fall items in this weather--unless I want to be a sweat puddle by the end of class...Tempting, but I'm gonna opt not to pursue that option...

My solution to this internal struggle? 

Wear pieces that are kinda-fall but kinda-not. What do I mean by that? For example, a black v-neck t-shirt is perfect because it is still a fall color but you won't overheat wearing it! Also, keep things fall-themed by wearing toned down shorts that aren't super bright! Other options would be to throw on a lightweight scarf instead of a thick blanket or knit scarf. The possibilities are really endless! You just have to be a little creative :) 

Happy Fall my lovely readers! Let's pray for cooler {and more bearable} days ahead :)

With love,

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