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September 30, 2015

For today's post I am linking up all of the items that I have worn on my Instagram posts lately. 
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P.S. If an item is not linked, then it is either sold out or no longer available online. 


I've been super obsessed with this dress lately! How can I not? I was not able to find the exact one online, but I just picked it up on sale at Anthropologie last week, so you should definitely be able to find it in stores still! 


My favorite color combo this past month has been blue and black! I never realized how interestingly they pair together.

 Blue Stone Necklace // Watch // Fringed Sandals


Another example of my go-to color combo (blue & black) this month! It has been super hot here still, so I've been trying to transition to fall as smoothly {and sweat-free} as I possibly can.


This was by far the comfiest outfit that I have worn in a very long time! I felt like I was walking around in pajama's all day! 

Pink Lace Trimmed sweater (mine is sold out, super similar linked!) // Floral Printed Leggings

I have over twenty different LBD's in my closet...if you didn't already know that before...I am pretty darn obsessed with them!
 P.S. My favorite Starbucks order is an Grande Iced Mocha with no whip--as seen in this picture :)


This dress was super comfortable and great for my travel-day back to school earlier last month!


Once again, it has been too hot to wear anything but shorts and a t-shirt. Hopefully that will change sometime soon!

Charm Bracelet  // Dark Washed Shorts

Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to read The Teacup of Style! I appreciate you very very very much!

With love,

sweater weather

September 28, 2015

My Outfit Details: SWEATER Pink Lace Trim Sweater (old, very similar linked) // LEGGINGS Fun Floral Leggings // SHOES Cognac Leather Booties // NECKLACE Delicate Gold Necklace // EARRINGS Pearl Studs 

Last week we had exactly twelve hours of weather consisting of a light drizzle and colder temperatures {and by "cold" I mean 70 degrees...} So what does Jordan do as a result? She whips out her new sweater, favorite booties, and comfy leggings. This is a moment I deeply treasure and reminisce upon, mostly because it was ninety degrees today...I'm sad to inform you folks that the heat will be sticking around here for awhile :( 

When I we do have colder weather, I like to wear sweater and booties as much as the next girl. But, I also enjoy incorporating brighter colors into my fall outfits, like a pink lace-trimmed sweater and floral patterned leggings.  Just because the warmer months are fading, I do not like to say "adios" to the occasional color infused outfits. 

The next week and a half will be pretty crazy for me when it comes to school deadlines. With two essays, three tests, and one presentation, I'm in desperate need of some prayers and strong coffee.

Let's hope your week is a lot more relaxing then mine!

Thanks for stopping by,

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beachside rompin'

September 25, 2015


My Outfit Details: CARDIGAN Beige Knit Cardi // ROMPER Navy Blue Romper (old, similar linked) // SHOES Strappy Sandals // EARRINGS Kendra Scott 'Elle' Earrings // NECKLACE Delicate Cross Necklace // BRACELET Initial Bracelet // BRACELET Nautical Bracelet // BRACELET Birthstone Bracelet

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Happy Friday everybody! The weather has been absolutely perfect at the beach lately: the best escape from the insane heat at school. I've been obsessed with rompers lately because of how comfortable they are. Since it's been so hot, rompers and dresses are the only "breathable" article of clothing that I find suitable for this unnecessary heat.

Let's pray for some cooler days ahead.

With love,

misses minty

September 23, 2015

 My Outfit Details: SWEATER Mint Colored Knitted Sweater (similar linked) // CAMISOLE White Tank Top (worn under sweater) // SHORTS Medium Wash Denim // PURSE Beige Crossbody Bag // SHOES White Canvas Sneakers // WATCH Leather Strap Watch // EARRINGS Pearl Studs // NECKLACES Long Gold Layering Necklace & Delicate Gold Necklace

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We are wee into the month of September...and it still is a billion degrees out. The heat has been relentless this summer. Even with the official start of the fall season today, I do not think that the warm and overbearing temperatures will fade away any time soon. {*Insert crying face emoji*} So how do I incorporate some of my favorite fall trends into my "it's too hot to wear anything" outfit? I pick one trend--like this minty sweater--and incorporate other temperature appropriate pieces into my look--like a pair of shorts and lightweight and breathable shoes.

P.S. I have been feeling a little under the weather lately {The awkward: "It is 100 degrees out but I have a cold" type of feeling has unfortunately been my jam the past few days} and that's why I missed out on Monday's post. Please forgive me :)

With love,

classic look

September 18, 2015

My Outfit Details: DRESS Black Free People Dress (sold out, similar linked) // PURSE Red Crossbody Bag // SHOES Strappy Sandals // EARRINGS Pearl Studs // BRACELET Beaded Bangle c/o // SUNGLASSES Blue Tinted Aviators

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If you couldn't already tell, I am flat out obsessed with any version of a little black dress. Literally obsessed. And when you add a classy red bag? I am ready to take on the world! I was unable to find this dress online, (*insert big sad face*) but I was able to find a really similar dress online that is almost identical. I'm loving this outfit combination for transiting into fall. I also love how timeless this look is!

Wish me luck, I have my first test of the semester tomorrow! :)

With love,

kinda fall, but kinda not?

September 16, 2015

My Outfit Details: SHIRT Black V-Neck // SHORTS Stripped Denim //SHOES Strappy & Studded Sandals // EARRINGS Kendra Scott 'Elle' Earrings (color: "Clear Iridescent") // PURSE Burberry Tote (this season's linked) // SUNGLASSES Blue Tinted Aviators // WATCH Michele Watch // CHARM BRACELET Tiffany & Co. // BRACELETS InitialAnchor, & Birthstone

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Last week it was super toasty here in Santa Barbara! And in a room without air conditioning, it is pure torture when the hotter days are upon us. Thankfully it has cooled down the past couple of days with even a few surprise rainstorms making an appearance recently. Can I get a "Woot! Woot!" 

I know that the hot and humid days are not a thing of the past just yet though, and they probably will not be until Mid-October. *Cue the internal outfit conflict debt* I already have had to push aside many internal struggles like: "Should I wear this blanket scarf even though it is eighty-five degrees out?" or "My booties would look super cute with leggings, but do I really want to sweat to death today?" 

 Ultimately, with the arrival of Pumpkin Spice Latte's, the occasional rain storm, and fall themed Bath and Body Work's candles, I am desperately craving fall themed outfits. As a result, I am tempted to dress like it is colder than it actually is. BUT in reality, I would be silly to wear ANY of my fall items in this weather--unless I want to be a sweat puddle by the end of class...Tempting, but I'm gonna opt not to pursue that option...

My solution to this internal struggle? 

Wear pieces that are kinda-fall but kinda-not. What do I mean by that? For example, a black v-neck t-shirt is perfect because it is still a fall color but you won't overheat wearing it! Also, keep things fall-themed by wearing toned down shorts that aren't super bright! Other options would be to throw on a lightweight scarf instead of a thick blanket or knit scarf. The possibilities are really endless! You just have to be a little creative :) 

Happy Fall my lovely readers! Let's pray for cooler {and more bearable} days ahead :)

With love,

hawaiian island

September 11, 2015

My Outfit Details: ROMPER Hawaiian Themed Romper  (mine is from a boutique in Hawaii, similar linked) // CARDIGAN Oversized White Knit Cardi // NECKLACE Tribal Themed Necklace (sold out, similar linked) // EARRINGS Pearl Studs // SHOES Studded Sandals

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This is the third and final outfit post centered around this versatile cardigan! I hope that I was able to provide some inspiration behind the versatility of clothing pieces. You don't have to be purchasing clothes all the time in order to have a newly styled look.
Also, if you couldn't already tell, I've been pretty darn obsessed with comfy rompers lately! If styled correctly, they can be the perfect transition piece that will carry you through the hot fall months.

Have a lovely Friday! :)

With love,