santa barbara stripes

July 31, 2015

My Outfit Details: SHIRT: Old Navy // SHORTS: Old Navy // SHOES: Rebecca Minkoff // EARRINGS: Nordstrom // NECKLACE: Dogeared // WATCH: Fossil // BRACELETS: Alex and Ani (Anchor)Alex and Ani (Initial)Alex and Ani (Birthstone) // NAIL POLISH: Pixi (color: "Summer Pink") 

There is just something about stripes that reminds me about the beach. And when I pair stripes AND white shorts together, I feel as if I should hit the waves immediately. With the trek back to my beachy school being less than four weeks away, I find myself gravitating more and more back to my beach themed style. I love pairing boho themed sandals with a sand colored watch.  Neutral tones help to jumpstart any beach inspired get-up.
 This summer has flown by for sure. With the start of my senior year just around the corner, I find myself feeling both excited and nervous. Which I know is normal for any twenty-one year old who is about to be thrown into what is known as the "grown-up world." Who knows what the future holds... but that is what makes life so exciting ;) 

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With love,

pastels & florals

July 29, 2015

My Outfit Details: DRESS: Nordstrom Rack (similar linked, mine is not online) // PURSE: Fossil // SHOES: Rebeca Minkoff // EARRINGS: Kendra Scott // NECKLACE: Dogeared  // WATCH: Michele // BANGLE SET: Kendra Scott // NAIL POLISH: Pixi (Color: "Summer Pink") 

If it looks like I'm sweating in these pictures, it is because I am... Las Vegas did not provide any mercy for sweat-prone people like myself {TMI?} Warning, this is my new favorite dress! It graced my Instagram a couple weeks ago, and I decided to wear it again to a family dinner out in Las Vegas. Sadly, I could not find the dress anywhere online (as I explained before on my most recent Instagram Round-up) but I did just purchase it in store about three weeks ago! Therefore, if you really like it, you should {hopefully} be able to find it in stores still.
I opted for nude tones so that the dress would really stick out. That is why I decided to pair my favorite pair of sandals with my go-to crossbody purse! I go with this combo a lot because it compliments almost any outfit you can think of!
I'm knee-deep in the "Wednesday slump." Did anyone else feel like they got hit by a train when they woke up this morning? Let's power through the rest of the week! It is all down hill from here :)

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under the las vegas lights

July 27, 2015

 My Outfit Details: SHIRT: Freeloader (this color is sold out, but striped version is stocked!) // SHORTS: Old Navy  (on sale, less than $8) // SHOES: Vince Camuto old, similar here // PURSE: Fossil  // NECKLACE: Dogeared // EARRINGS: Nordstrom // BANGLE SET: Kendra Scott // BRACELETS: Alex and Ani (Anchor) & Alex and Ani (Initial) // NAIL COLOR: Pixi (color: "Summer Pink") 

Imagine this. You are glancing through a rack of shorts, determined to find a cute colorful pair. You search high and low, but come up empty handed. You begin your descent over to the dressing room to try on a couple of dresses you found. {Because come on girls, we all know that dresses practically throw themselves at us, but trying to find a good pair of shorts is like looking for a needle in a haystack..} On your way to the dressing room, you casually pass the little girls section. Out of the corner of your eye, you spy these fun and brightly patterned shorts. Before anyone can see you, you sneak over to the rack, grab the largest size you can find, and dart into the dressing room. 
As you slip them on, you realize that they basically feel like a thousand kittens are snuggling you. You buy them. The End

Yes, I bought a pair of shorts from the little girls section. Yes, that was a very dramatic {and uber long} retelling of my little adventure. Yes, I am proudly flaunting these the rest of the summer.  

Also, I am getting my hair cut in a little under a week. Any suggestions anybody? I would love to hear in the comments below. On my Instagram (@teacupofstyle) several people said I should go with a shoulder length bob, but I don't know if I could actually commit to that {*insert covering eye monkey emoji*}. My long hair is like my security blanket. But I was thinking maybe some layers? Bangs? No bangs? Help a girl out and comment you hair styling opinions in the comment section below.

I just got back from a family trip to Las Vegas! I had a blast and enjoyed my much needed relaxation time. But back to Monday I go...

I love you all!

P.S. If you didn't notice, The Teacup of Style got a little makeover. I was feeling that she needed some color :) 

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sunset paradise

July 24, 2015

My Outfit Details: DRESS: Splendid // KNIT CARDIGAN: 14th & Union // SHOES: Rebecca Minkoff // PURSE: Fossil // NECKLACE: Dogeared // EARRINGS: Kendra Scott // WATCH: Fossil  // SUNGLASSES: Tiffany & Co.

I am currently in Nevada for a family vacation and I am so excited to be here! Another thing I am stoked about? This striped maxi dress. {Did you like that segway into my outfit? ;)} It is the perfect summertime maxi. I usually avoid maxi dresses when it is 100 degrees because they don't usually allow for much breathing room for my legs. You know the feeling girl! BUT this maxi dress is a rarity, it is lightweight without being see-through. Plus it has a super cute slit up the side that isn't too revealing! The result? A summertime maxi that us girls only dreamt off. 

And yes, I am wearing this knit cardigan and these strappy shoes

Happy Friday everybody! Treat yourself to something wonder this weekend.

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With love,

fall staples

July 22, 2015

I know it's difficult to even think about wearing dark denim and knee high leather boots when it's over 100 degrees out...but I am telling you, this is the time to start racking up Fall Staple pieces so you are well prepared when the leaves begin to change color {it also helps that most fall items are on major sale right now}! 

I put together a list of fall items that will be the staple pieces within every outfit you wear! Is any one else excited to bring out their cozy knits and scarfs? :) 

Happy Wednesday Everybody!

With love,

blending neon

July 20, 2015

DRESS: old, super similar here // SCARF: Old Navy (sold out online, but I just bought mine one week ago in stores!) // SHOES: H&M // PURSE: Fossil // Necklace // WATCH: Michele // BANGLE SET: Kendra Scott // BRACELETS: Alex and Ani (anchor) & Alex and Ani (initial) // SUNGLASSES: Tiffany & Co. // NEON PINK NAIL POLISH: Pixi (color: Summer Pink) 

 This outfit post has to be one of my favorite to date! I was super happy to find a way to tie in my comfort zone {a black dress} with pops of trendy neon. The result? A super chic and classy look that will be able to test the times! 
I mean, can we talk about this neon pink nail polish!? It's even called "Summer Pink." Could you have a more perfect summer color? I don't think so. 

Happy Monday everybody! 

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With love,

pops of color

July 17, 2015

My Outfit Details: SHIRT: Roxy (on sale, less than $15!) // SHORTS: Old Navy // SHOES: H&M // WATCH: Fossil // BRACELET: Neiman Marcus // SMALL SILVER NECKLACE: Dogeared // SUNGLASSES: Ray Ban

Happy Friday (or the one hour that is left of it...)! It was just one of those busy {but extremely good} days, again! 

Mixing and matching colors is one of my favorite trends of all time! The colors blue and orange pair so nicely together that it would be a crime to not practice that perfect combination every once in a while. ;) When pairing different color combos together, it always helps to keep everything else in the outfit pretty neutral. That is why I opted for white shorts, beige/brown shoes, and brown wrist accessories. Make sure to give this trend a try and let me know what you think :) 

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instagram round-up

July 15, 2015

It's been a couple of weeks since my last Instagram round-up, so I figured that The Teacup of Style was due for a new one! If you're not following me on Instagram, my username is "teacupofstyle" :) 

{As always, I linked all of the items that are still available to purchase. If something is not linked, it is either sold out or is no longer available} 

You all have heard me absolute rave about this dress constantly, but it is just that good.
dress (on sale, less than $30!) // knit cardigan // purse // shoes // watch // bangle set  // sunglasses

I just purchased this top at Nordstrom Rack a couple of weeks ago. Sadly, I couldn't find it online (along with a lot of my other purchases from that day) :(
shorts // purse // shoes // necklace

 Sunday Bunday? It's almost a crime to not participate ;) 

I loved this knit cardigan so much that I got it in two colors (as seen in white above)! Sadly, the striped version is no longer available, but snatch up the other four color options before they run out. {P.S. Two of the color options are on sale for less than $10!}
knit cardigan // dress // sandals // purse // necklace // watch

Isn't my boyfriend adorable? He knows that I love and adore this he wears it whenever we have to dress up a little bit :) Isn't he the best?!

Yup, it's this knit cardigan. I warned you.

Here is an up close and personal picture of my new babies. 

This dress was another purchase from my Nordstrom Rack trip that I was talking about above (where I couldn't find most of my purchased items online) but head into Nordstrom Rack and you might get lucky and find it in stores! :)

Happy Wednesday my loves :)
As always, thank you for reading and stopping by! I appreciate each and every one of you! 

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With love,