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June 5, 2015

My outfit details: DRESS: Target (under $25!) // JEAN JACKET: Forever 21 // PURSE: Fossil // SHOES: Vince Camuto (mine are last season, this season's are linked) // SMALL NECKLACE: Dogeared // BRACELETS: Kendra Scott (bangle set) // SUNNIES: Tiffany & Co.

I declare Southern California weather as officially bipolar. Hear me out. It was 68 degrees today... it is supposed to be 97 on Monday. Um, what?!? Lately, as a result of the colder weather, I am forced to throw on a jean jacket with every dress I step out in. Speaking of this patterned dress, the other day I received the best text message any girl can get from her mom. It read, "There are some dresses on sale at Target, do you want one?" The result? A super chic, insanely comfy, perfectly patterned summertime dress has officially been added to my wardrobe. {P.S. It is under $25! Score!} 

My Kendra Scott collection recently grew as well, courtesy of the Jordana Bangle Set. I mean, how could I resist? We basically share the same name {Jordana + Jordan = match made in heaven}... ;) I have really small wrists, so whenever I attempt to wear most bangles they just slide right off or they look awkwardly large. If you share the same problem, do not fear! This bangle set is the one for you! {Oh geeze, I sound like a car commercial. Sorry about that...} It is the first set that I have found that fits perfectly for smaller wrist girls. 

Also, I've been downright obsessed with this crossbody bag lately, if you already couldn't tell. It surprisingly fits a lot for it's smaller size! Plus the quality it provides is outta this world!

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  1. love your outfit and your hair is gorgeous!

    xx, kenz

  2. This whole outfit is amazing and really well put together!

    I'm obsessed with your hairstyle though. I'm definitely going to be stealing this once my hair grows out a bit. It's unbearably thick and there just aren't that many styles out there suited for thick hair!

    - Sydney at Doe Eyed Dreams

    1. Thank you Sydney! :)
      I feel your pain girl! I have really thick hair as well and this hairstyle definitely tames it. I'm more than happy to let you steal it ;)

  3. I love randomly finding cute and cheap dresses, Target is so awesome for that!! Love the outfit!


    1. I definitely agree, Target is the best at finding cute and cheap clothes! :)
      Thanks for stopping by Mallory, I really appreciate it!


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