instagram round-up

March 30, 2015

Here's are outfit details from some of my latest Instagram posts. If you aren't following me on Instagram yet (@teacupofstyle) you can do so by clicking here :)

 dress earrings (color: turquoise and silver), necklace  (c/o), delicate cross necklacesunnies, purse Steve Madde (not online)

 bracelet (c/o) 

 jewelry (c/o) 

 watch, nail polish  (color: "Seas the Day") 

nails (color: Pink Shock), black dresscardigan, shoes Urban Outfitters-- old

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mad about plaid

March 27, 2015

My outfit details:   BLACK TANK TOP: Target // SHORTS: thrifted, similar here // FLANNEL: Target old, similar here (and on super sale!) // SHOES: Target last season, very similar here // RED BAG: Mod Cloth  // NECKLACE: BaubleBar // SUNNIES: Tiffany and Co. // NAILS: Deborah Lippmann (color: "Flash Dance") // LIPS: Revlon Colorburst (color: "Romantic") 

My college's Spring Break has finally arrived! And boy, am I relieved! It seems as if every other college has already had there spring break, some were even weeks ago! And here I am, over here, barely struggling to stay afloat among my school work...But all is well, because now it is my time! :) I am beyond tired, and a majority of my Spring Break is going to consist of sleeping and mental relaxation. I can't wait!

As for my outfit, I am completely obsessed with statement jewelry, like this necklace I am wearing. Even though my outfit was pretty simple, I felt that my necklace helped to pull the look together. Because I am so obsessed with statement necklaces, I wanted to link up a few below of ones that currently have my eye on...

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Statement Necklaces: 

feathers & flowers

March 23, 2015

My outfit details: DRESS: Target (Less than $25) //  SUNGLASSES: Tiffany & Co. //  SHOES: Target old, similar here and here //  SMALL NECKLACE: Dogeared (I wear this every day!)

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Spring has officially arrived and I'm beyond excited. My boyfriend and I were driving along and this beautiful hillside of flowers came into view. I immediately made him stop so that we could jump out and admire the blooming colors (and maybe snap a few pics in the meantime ;] )
 One of my favorite parts about the arrival of the spring season is seeing all of the cute, flowy, and colorful dresses that are beginning to make their ways into my favorite stores. For example, this dress that I am wearing screams spring with its whimsical feel and bursting color palette. Plus, the cut of the dress is one of my new favorite styles: shoulder baring long sleeved. BUT if you're not into this particular style, have no fear! There is a long maxi verison here that has the exact same pattern. P.S. the best part is that they're both under $30. Thank you Target! 
As if I needed another reason to be even more obsessed with Target...

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"The earth laughs in flowers." 

going back to the basics

March 18, 2015

My outfit details:  SHIRT: Charming Charlie sold out, but this one has an even cuter hemline //  SKIRT: old target, very similar here // PURSE:Forever 21 (surprisingly fits a ton for it's size!) //  BLACK FLATS: Vince Camuto  // NECKLACE: Kendra Scott (in turquoise & silver) // WATCH: Fossil // SUNGLASSES: Tiffany & Co.

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I don't know why I look so orange in these pictures. Maybe my summer tan has arrived at its destination a coupe months early...but phew is it hot here in California. The other day it was ninety degrees.  That's N-I-N-E-T-Y degrees people! In the middle of March nonetheless. And it's not even officially spring yet. 
Most people look forward to the heat, but attending a college that lacks air conditioner in the dorm rooms produces very irritated and sweaty college students. Well let's hope for some cooler days ahead.
If you can't tell by my outfit, I was in a very plain mood that day. Even though the colors may be "dreary," days where you just throw on your simple pieces in your closet are some of the most refreshing. It's like a creative relaxation zone. 

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"Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud." 

date night on the pier

March 16, 2015

My outfit details:  DRESS: Target  // JEAN JACKET: Forever 21 old, similar here and here // EARRINGS: Made in Mechanicsville  c/o // PURSE: Forever 21 // SMALL CROSS NECKLACE: Dogeared (my all-time favorite; I wear it everyday) // SHOES: Target old, very similar here

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I'm truly honestly blessed. I'm going to a beautiful school. I have a wonderful boyfriend who I am madly in love with. And I'm happy, really truly happy. But you see, I didn't always feel this way. High school was rough and I wasn't truly content with the person that I was and found myself extremely unhappy. But I look back on those times and realize that they were all building blocks. The people that I learned from, the times that I had, the mistakes that I made, they all got me to where I am today. All the things that I went to and the people that I failed with were meant to get me here to this moment, right now. 
I just want you to know, that the difficult times you are going through are the learning blocks that catapult you into the better parts of your future. I know that the difficult moments are sometimes too cruel to realize that, but all you need to know is that there are better days out there and that those days are just preparing you for where you are meant to be.

Thank you for being apart of this fun journey with me. 

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"I can't go back to yesterday because I was a different person then." -Lewis Carroll 

sandy sandals

March 13, 2015

My outfit details:  // HEART CHAMBRAY: thrifted, similar here  // BLACK DRESS: BooHoo // RED BAG: ModCloth  // NECKLACE: BAUBLEBAR --I've been eyeing this one for forever! // EARRINGS: Betsey Johnson--the long version of mine SHOES: Target, last season, very similar herehere, and here // NAILS: Sally Hansen ("I Lilac You")

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I've always been a big fan of the beach. Oddly enough though, I am extremely terrified of actually going past my knees into the water. But I still wholeheartedly believe that there is nothing more calming than sitting in the sand and watching the waves. I just won't be diving into the water anytime soon...
Are there any other beach lovers out there?
And yes, I am in heeled shoes at the beach. Don't judge, I was in my Sunday's best and had just come from church. The beach is only a block away from the church, so who could blame me? ;)
P.S. I recently came to the conclusion that I own WAY to may black dresses. 15 total. Opps...

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floral leggings

March 9, 2015

My outfit details: FLORAL LEGGINGS: Vans // BROWN TUNIC: H&M sold out, very similar here  // BLUE BLOUSE (worn over brown tunic): thrifted, similar here // PURSE: Forever 21 // BOOTIES: Target last season, very similar here (on sale!) // WATCH: Fossil // Initial Bracelet: Alex and Ani // CHARM BRACELET: Tiffany & Co. // NECKLACE: Tiffany and Co., (also loving this super cute pink version) // EARRINGS: Kendra Scott

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Spring time is almost here! And we all know what that means...floral patterns finally become socially acceptable again! Can I get an AMEN?! Even as we dive into the warmer months, I still am a big advocate for comfortable, but cute, clothing. As a result, I knew that these floral leggings would be the perfect spring time staple that would fulfill my floral craving, but still provide maximum comfort as a I dashed between classes, work, and practice.
The way that I choose to style patterned leggings follows one "Holy Grail" guideline: business on top & party on the bottom. That means that I keep the top half of my outfit pretty simple, so that I don't create an overwhelming combination with a busy pair of leggings. I am going to link up some cute floral leggings below so that you can find a pair that fits your fancy!

Have a lovely rest of your day!

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Other Floral Leggings Options:
"Some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again." -C.S. Lewis

twenty facts about me

March 5, 2015

1. Does coffee make anyone else sweat? Or is that just me...?

2. I have hyper-extendable elbows.

3. I'm a monoamniotic twin, and if you don't know what that means, you can read up on it here!

4. I love the mornings, but I also love's a constant internal battle with myself.

5. I don't have a favorite color. I love all the colors! :)

6. Strawberry flavored things are my favorite.

7. I wholeheartedly believe that a Peppermint Mocha is not a seasonal drink and should be enjoyed year-round.

8. If I could eat one type of food for the rest of my life it would be chips and guacamole.

9. I've never officially "broken" a bone but have had two stress fractures in my tibia and foot before.

10. Colorful pens are my favorite.

11. I have over 100 pairs of underwear (I'm a little addicted, if you couldn't tell...).

12. I find odd numbers annoying.

13. My pet peeve is sticky hands.

14. I've never been stung by a bee and have never had a cavity.

15. Anything that involves needles, blood, and shots make me pass-out. (I passed out in my Honors Anatomy class in 11th grade watching a video about broken-bones)

16. I get the chills/goosebumps when I sneeze.

17. I've wanted to be a teacher since I was 7-years old.

18. I'm a junior in college.

19. The Harry Potter series=my favorite books ever!

20. I'm extremely (and I mean extremely) ticklish!

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"Here's to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They're not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify them or vilify them. About the only thing you can't do is ignore them. Because they change things. They push the human race forward. And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do." -Steve Jobs; Apple Inc.

pixie pants

March 3, 2015

My outfit details: BLACK LONG SLEEVE: Old Navy (less than $10) // PIXIE PANTS: Old Navy // SCARF: Nordstrom  // BOOTIES: Target last season, very similar here (and on sale!) // NECKLACE: Kendra Scott (in turquoise & silver) // EARRINGS: Kendra Scott (in turquoise & silver) // INITIAL BRACELET: Alex and Ani // CHARM BRACELET: Tiffany & Co

If you know me well, you would probably be well aware of the fact that I hate wearing pants. I don't know about you ("but I'm feeling 22"...not really, does anyone else get that song stuck in their head when they hear that line?! No?! Just me, alrighty...back to the post.....) but most pants are too tight, too constricting, and just downright uncomfortable.

If you are like me, have no fear! I just found the most perfectly comfortable pair of pants, called Pixie Pants, that are Jordan approved.  I have been eyeing these J. Crew Pixie Pants for ages but was never able to pull the trigger on the purchase because of my ever-present college budget. Thank you student loans ;)

But, a couple weekends back I was at Old Navy and found their version of an affordable Pixie Pants and instantly fell in love with this super cute striped pair.  They're super quirky, cute, and downright fun! The best part is that they're only $30 dollars (much better than the $100 J.Crew version).

Also, Old navy has dozens of different styles, colors, and patterns available as well if you're not into the striped version.

Have a wonderful rest of your Tuesday!

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"There are always flowers for those who want to see them." -Henri Matisse