instagram round-up

February 15, 2015

Today I wanted to share an Instagram Round-up since it's been a couple months since my last one. 
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^^^black long sleeve / similar skirt (couldn't find it online, but you can definitely find it in stores at Target) / booties  / necklace  (color: turquoise & silver) earrings  (color: turquoise & silver)  

^^^cat shirt  (I'm obsessed) / shoes  / athletic leggings

^^^watch / nail polish  / boots (mine are last season) / dress  / similar purse (mine is old) 

^^^shoes (I'm obsessed, again) 

^^^mongrammed mug / lip gloss / similar planner (I got mine at Marshall's)

^^^green nail polish / sparkly nail polish (from the "Luxeeffects" collection) 

^^^similar crossbody bag (mine is sold out, from Francesca's) / lip stain (color: Romantic) / lips shaped lip balm

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