Welcome to Winter in Southern California

December 24, 2014

Each year I reflect on the fact that I have never had a classic "White Christmas." There has never been snow on my front lawn. In fact, it seems like every Christmas I have ever had falls between 70 and 80 degrees. (I know, GASP! Some people may even wonder how that is even considered Christmas!) 

But, I am starting to accept and appreciate the weather that we are graciously given. Sure, I can't build a snowman (but I can still sing the Frozen song and that's basically the same thing right?), watch snow fall through my window, or make a snow angel. BUT I can enjoy the sun's warm rays, watch the waves crash, and get away with wearing a tank top and skirt. And if you think about that, that pretty darn awesome. 

Ultimately, my winter weather may be different than most, but it is a blessing that I am learning to enjoy and treasure. 

Therefore, with these pictures I hope to give you a little taste of what winter weather looks like in Southern California and some possible outfit inspiration. Enjoy :) 

With Love,

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