My Passion for Thumbholes

November 18, 2014

Lorna Jane Long Sleeve (ON SALE!)  // Charming Charlie Scarf sold out (VERY similar: just has horseshoes instead of bicycles, plus it's ON SALE!) // Target Shoes sold out similar, also love these // Essie Nail Polish color "Watermelon"

What better way to stay warm in the cooler months than to participate in the wearing of the innovate THUMBHOLE? They not only make long sleeve shirts with thumbholes, but they also make pajamas,  gloves and jackets.  Thumbholes not only keep you warm but they look super cute as well! A super cute vest, like this one would love wonderful added to this style as well.

I picked out a few of my favorites with a thumbhole design (listed below).
Favorite Number One
Favorite Number Two
Favorite Number Three

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Have a wonderful rest of your week. I will be braving the cold weather of Kansas on Thursday as I head over to attend Cross Country Nationals.


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