the spring polka dot trend

February 20, 2019

My Outfit Details: DRESS Polka Dress Dress // EARRINGS Tory Burch Studded Earrings // SHOES Suede Block Boots

Happy Wednesday! I'm finally getting back into my blogging rhythm, and it feels good to be styling and posting again after the moving drama we had. If you want to read the full moving update that I provided on Monday, you can do so here.

Now to this springtime outfit . . . I shared this ruffled polka dot dress on my Instagram a couple weeks back. I was surprised when it became my most sold item to date! This dress will be a fun spring item to wear due to the lightweight fabric and the billowy feel. I'm also looking forward to wearing it to work when the weather warms up a little bit in these next few months. FYI, the word around the block is that polka dots are going to be a huge trend this spring and summer.

After I had such success with my first Amazon Prime fashion order, I decided to put in my second bigger order of items. They came in the other day, and I am looking forward to styling the pieces I ordered on The Teacup of Style soon.

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boho skirt & moving update

February 18, 2019

My Outfit Details: TOP Red Satin Camisole // SKIRT Mixed Print Wrap Skirt // JACKET Black Suede Moto Jacket // EARRINGS Metallic Beaded Tassel Earrings (c/o) // SUNGLASSES Black Sunnies // SHOES Nude Suede Heels

This past month has been a complete whirlwind. If you remember back to my latest life update, you would remember that we were moving! We were making the move to a new place that was bigger, closer to work, and overall a better fit for our lifestyle because I was in desperate need of an office. 

We spent one week in our new place before we had a major leak in our kitchen. Our floor was covered in water, and we were fearful of a mold problem because we didn't know where the leak originated and how long water had been near the origin of the leak. I ended up being diagnosed with the flu during all this, so we wanted to be extra precautious that I wasn't exposed to mold. As a result, we relocated to my in-laws and have been living with them ever since. 

The final step in the process will be fixing the floors in the kitchen and bathroom . . .  and that will hopefully happen this week. If all goes according to plan, we'll be back in our place by this weekend. Fingers crossed! 

I hope this helped to provide a little update as to why I have been MIA on The Teacup of Style and my Instagram feed. Hopefully life will be back to normal sooner rather than later. 

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expressing gratitude with Basic Invite (thank you notes/ garden themed baby shower invitations/ plus more!)

January 25, 2019

My Outfit Details: TOP Blush Tie Neck Blouse // RING Sparkly Wrap Ring // EARRINGS Gold & White Studded Earrings 

Such an important word that holds so much meaning. 

One of my main goals as a teacher is to teach my students how to express gratitude. I honestly believe that showcasing gratitude goes a long way, and I want my students to know the importance of expressing their gratefulness to others. I put my goal into action, and I was shocked by the results . . . 

This past holiday season, I came up with the simple idea of having my students write two thank-you notes to an adult of their choice that works at the school. The options stretched from the custodian to the counselor, and they got to pick the people that they felt the most grateful for. What they ended up producing literally had me in happy tears. Not only was I amazed at the gratitude they were able to express, but every single individual that received a card informed me that the notes really brightened their day and holiday season.

So now I'm putting the challenge on you. Is there someone that you are extremely grateful for, who you could write a simple thank-you note to? The action may seem small, but you are bound to make their day. 

I plan on writing several thank you notes to the people that I am grateful for. The customizable invitation company, Basic Invite, provided me with some of the cutest Thank-You Cards I have ever laid eyes on to use. On their website, you are able to select a product and customize it to your liking with their 180+ color options. Even though their Thank-You cards are a dream, they are most known for their stunning invitations. With many of my friends having baby showers as of late, I definitely have my eyes on their customizable baby shower invitations. How cute are these garden themed baby shower invitations (my personal fav!) and it would be so fun to decorate a baby shower alongside these western baby shower invitations. Your guests will especially express gratitude for such a cute invite ;) 

P.S. This month they are currently running a fun sale for 15% off. Use 15FF51 at checkout! 

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Thank you Basic Invite for sponsoring this post. 
All opinions are my own. 

valentine's day outfit

January 24, 2019

My Outfit Details: DRESS Blush Dress // EARRINGS Metallic Beaded Tassel Earrings (c/o) // PURSE Blush Clutch (similar linked) // SHOES Beige Suede Heels

Love at first site is real . . . because I definitely had it with this dress. Could it be more elegant? The sleeves are so fun and flirty. The fit is absolutely amazing. The color is to die for. If you couldn't tell, I couldn't be more obsessed with this stunning dress. 

This year, the hubby and I will be keeping things a little more mellow on Valentine's Day. As I announced earlier this month, we are in the middle of packing up for our move. With my surgery last month, prepping for our moving, and other life events, we're planning on just having a simple night out to eat. Even though this dress will be a little too dressed up for my Valentine's Day plans, it would be perfect if you have a fancy dinner planned. If pink is also not your color, this dress also comes in black and white. I'm planning on wearing it to an upcoming wedding that we have in a couple months! 

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the jacket that is making me all warm and fuzzy

January 14, 2019

My Outfit Details: JACKET Cozy Fuzzy Jacket // BODYSUIT Stripes Tank Bodysuit // JEANS White Denim Jeans // EARRINGS Black Ribbon Wrapped Gold Earrings // SHOES Lace-Up Heeled Combat Boots // SUNGLASSES Classic Black Sunnies

Back to work I go! 

Today was my official first day back at work post-surgery. I am happy to say that I survived! My kiddos were so sweet and they all excitedly welcomed me back into the classroom. It was an awesome reminder that I am blessed with one of the BEST jobs. 

In terms of the weather, it rained . . . and rained . . . and rained . . . and rained today. We are officially heading into the rain filled months of spring and I couldn't be more excited. Even though I love a good rainy season, part of me is also starting to yearn for some bright sunshine and warmth. One of my favorite ways to transition into springtime fashion is to style white jeans and light colored pants. By wearing a lighter colored pair of pants, you are able to begin to slowly prep your style towards to warmer direction without freezing your booty off since the colder weather tends to stick around for a little while. 

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